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Emerging countries in Asia lead new E-Commerce peak – How This Will Impact the Canadian Economy

The online forecast site eMarketer released its new study on the subject of digital distribution of retail, travel and service products this week. eMarketer already made very clear at the beginning of the study that especially the Asian-Pacific region is the fastest-growing region in this respect and is consequently become the new capital. This led […]

Benefits of Public Infrastructure Projects

Freight TrainsPublic infrastructure can take many different forms from building roads and bridges, to water and sewer systems, to public wifi access. While there is definitely a financial cost to these projects the benefit to society as a whole is almost immeasurable. Imagine a world where streets are only paved in areas where people can afford it, where access to clean drinking water is not guaranteed, or public housing is non-existent. That Canada would look much different than the one we have today and would not only hinder societal growth but would retard economic progress. Continue Reading

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Bringing Government Services Online

Canadian ComputerIn this day and age it seems like we can do everything from the comfort of our home. As long as we have access to an internet connection the world is our oyster. That is unless you’re trying to sign up for government services. More and more government is falling behind the private sector when it comes to online access to services which is making it tougher for people to get the help they need, file for permits, or get copies of certified documents. Whether you need temporary food assistance, a building permit, or want to file a complaint chances are you have to do it in person.

To help bring government into the 21st century, the following services must be brought online as soon as possible: Continue Reading

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How international education can boost a country’s economy

worldHow International Students Affected the Canadian Economy

The Canadian government seeks to promote Canada as the best study destination for many international students around the world. This was encouraged and instituted by the government due to the advantages and benefits of having international students in Canada. Impacts and increase in economy, trade and marketing was evident during the presence of international students.

Due to the increase of international students and the benefits in the economy, the Canadian government strives to increase the standard of their quality education in order to attract more students from around the world. They have improved their curriculum and the quality of teachers that they have in every school.

The students from around the world

Different students from around the world begin to populate the country. They have the Arabs students, Russian students, Chinese Students and more. These students are taking different courses on college. Some of them are living as immigrants while others are studying as scholars of different international foundations. Others are taking part time job while studying. Some students are from rich and prestigious families from different parts of the world.

The benefits of having students from around the world

It has been evident that Canada has benefited much due to the increasing number of students. Here are some of the benefits that they have experienced in the past years.

  • The significant increase of economy – Foreign students are spending cash for their expenditures and tuition fees. They are spending for their food, accommodation, travel, personal needs and products, and other services that they need in a particular country. Because of this, the economy of the country has increased significantly. The government generates millions of dollars, which allows them to survive the current recessions.
  • The increase of trade and industry – Students came to know almost all the products and they love it. Therefore, they have promoted them to their friends and family. The promotion of the products in an international aspect which increases the export rates and which also increases the country’s income. That is why other countries would prefer imported products.
  • The Increase in the Popularity of Canadian Education – because of the increase of the number of foreign students, schools in Canada have become popular to other countries. This encourages other people from different countries to study in these particular schools.

The Increase of aids for students

There is also the increase of standards and requirements in schools such writing student essays, home works, reports and more. However, you do not have to worry about these because you can easily find essay help online. the Arabs Students, Chinese Students and Russian Students receive much benefit on online essay help. Young people from these countries usually have problems with their student essays. That is why these online writing services can help them get through and pass their academics and communications test. Communication is one part of the problem of foreign students and it is one of the common grounds of rejection or losing the privilege to study.

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View on the State of the World Economy

im ShoppingstressIn the recent past, 10 to 20 years to be precise the economy has disturbingly gone from bad to worse. The term ‘recession’ is not new to our ears and it has become a recurring issue which is yet to be dealt with. The chances that the Congress alone will be able to sort this out are very slim and almost impossible. There have been confessions that claim that even they are at a loss with the economical changes and have no idea how to correct the situation or make it better. How the economy works is a mysterious affair that many have been unable to understand.

There have been many presented solutions and theories all in the name of fixing the situation. Most of these simply demonstrate ignorance and lack of understanding. For any problem to be solved one has to get to its cause and eliminate it. What we need are fundamental reforms and not stimulus packages. Things have become really intense, it is even hard to buy the best steam irons or the best ironing board, for example. The whole system needs reforms and there can never be magic or instant solutions that can take away the mess overnight.

Banks and not governments are the forces behind money creation. There has been much contention over this in the past but most bankers have not quite admitted to it. Some are not even aware of it though there is documented evidence from previous years. Money is in existence to benefit the banks and give more interest and profits to them. Money issued by governments helps general growth and economical functioning. It happens that banks have more say in global finances and up until this changes then we are all doomed. A new system is crucial if at all things are to change.

Inflation is yet another slow financial killer. It refers to slow theft of money value for long periods of time. It occurs when new money is created by banks for loaning purposes which results in dilution of the money that exists presently in banks. Inflation can be eliminated if money is made to help in creation of debt. Payment of interest has led to repayment of extra amounts that the bank did not have in the first place. They are making money that they did not give or have initially. These additional amounts are accumulated overtime and it increases money quantity.

The fact that banks make money for lending and earning of interest means that we all have to owe banks in order for money to exist. Money is constantly created and destroyed and many people are oblivious of this process. Borrowing of money is what brings about its existence. If the government was the sole creator and distributor of money then it would be for the common good of the people and society at large. Selfishness is what has led us to the brink and the growth of debt is only going to deepen much further if people do not realize it sooner.

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New Community Centre Finally Open

After two years of constrcution the new Edmonds Community Centre is Burnaby is finally open. This state of the art facility has a lot to offer to the local residence. The beautiful new Fred Randall designed pool is worth checking out. It features a 25 meter by 15 meter leisure pool, connected to it is the 60 meter long “lazy river” that has a gentle current so the kids can float down on the provided foam canoes. There is also a water slide that is almost 8 meters high for the more adventurous.

The two large full size gymnasiums feature enough room for all your favorite sports including basketball, pickleball, badminton as well as volleyball.They run a variety of after school sporting programs which are great for the active kids. You can pay by drop in or save some money and buy a monthly pass. For adults who want to get some exercise but have young children the comminuty centre has child minding services on site so theres no excuse not to get your workout done. They also have onsite personal trainers that you can pre-book to help get your fitness to the next level.

There are three multi purpose rooms in the centre that will be used for a variety of activities. In the future they will be offering art, yoga, judo and other classes but at the present time the only class running is the sewing class. They purchased twenty beginner sewing machines to get the first class up and running and the other classes should be starting sometime next month.

Another option for the little ones other than the child minding service is the indoor playground. This playground is limited to the ages of two to five years olds and is fully staffed to keep the kids safe and busy so you can enjoy an hour or two of “me time” enjoying all the community centre has to offer. The playground hours are from 9am to noon Monday to Friday.

For the older kids their is the youth lounge which is a 100 square room room for kids grade seven to twelve.The lounge has five computers with internet access, two pool tables, an area to watch TV, a small kitchen where kids can prepare their own meals and a gaming station. The youth lounge is connected to the gym with the basketball courts so kids can take a quick break when needed.

If you are looking for something to eat after you basketball or volleyball game you should visit the Edmonds Cafe which over looks the pool. The Cafe has the standard fare such as a great selection of hamburgers and a variety of sandwiches including a steak sandwich, BLT, Donairs and fish and chips. They also have an espresso bar featuring a Rancilio Espresso Machine that has a talented barista who can make you your favorite coffee drinks. Another great bonus is all Community Center members who have a monthly pass get an additional twenty percent of any food orders in the Cafe.

So the waiting is finally over! Grab the family and get down to the recently opened Edmonds Community Centre and check it out.

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Having Healthy Diets for Our Children Makes Our Entire Nation More Healthy

preparing breakfastThere is little doubt that the meals that we, and even more importantly our children, eat determine our overall health and well-being as we go through life. One of the more concerning things going on in our society is the food pyramid and how this effects our children’s menus at school. For a long time a school lunch was never even looked at. We just had faith that we were feeding our children in the most beneficial and healthy way possible. Surprisingly though, we’ve found out that this hasn’t been the case, and not by fault of the schools.

The food pyramid has needed updated for quite some time. Ever since the lipid hypothesis came about sometime back in the 80′s, it has been recommended that our diets -and by extension our children’s diets- be mainly comprised of wheat and grains. This seemed to make sense to most of us based off of what was provided as evidence of these being a heart healthy diet.

However, there have been many doctors and nutritionists as of late that have found this to be utterly false. In fact, it’s the wheat and grains that are making us even more unhealthy. In the diet New You in 22 by Dr. Jonny Bowden, there is ample evidence that a vegetable and protein based diet provides much more heart healthy nutrition and even benefits the waistline quite a bit. And this actually does make more since when you think about our ancestors and what they had to live off of. Certainly not highly processed cereals, bars and fried foods that we see all over the grocery stores now days.

When it comes to helping the children of our nation get and stay healthy, it can be said that there have been numerous improvements and steps in the right directions. As reported in Wikipedia, there have been continuous improvements to the dietary guidelines and teachings:

“In 1994 a number of changes were made to the NSLP primarily emphasizing the need to standardize the nutritional quality of school meals. Dietary guidelines were proposed to take effect in 1996. Also, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched the Healthy School Meals Initiative to improve nutritional education for school age children”

Whether or not these improvements and adjustments continue to be made remains to be seen but there is no reason to believe that they wouldn’t. We all want what is best for the children of our nation. Even the so-called money-hungry food corporations cannot fail to see the importance. Although it can be a challenge at times, change is usually good for all parties. There will still be money to be made with new dietary guidelines so as long as the big corporations just get behind the changes there really don’t have anything to lose.

Learning all we can about our diets and the diets of our children is of vital concern to all. Whether we personally have children or not there is no denying that it is the children who will populate the earth and we all need to play our part in improving the human race. And yes, that all starts with what we put into our bodies.

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Brush Up on Your Cosmetic Laws

cosmeticThe cosmetic industry is multi-billion dollar field that has consumers purchasing and using thousands of different brands and varieties of beauty products. Since most of these products are coming in direct contact with our skin, eyes, and mouth, it’s extremely important to know just exactly what we’re putting on our bodies.

As consumers we have to trust our companies that we are purchasing from to disclose all truths about the ingredients, effects, or product itself. Now, we no longer have to blindly trust the big companies taking our money and have laws and government issued orders that protect our health when dealing with cosmetics.

There are two important laws that deal with makeup and the cosmetics we buy and those are:

  • The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD & C Act)
  • The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA).

The FDA regulates cosmetics under these laws and acts, however it can be hard to define what exactly a cosmetic is. The FD&C Act defines it by the intended use of the products. Cosmetics are: articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body…for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance”.  This does NOT include soap, as they are under a different and specific set of laws and regulations.

However, it’s also important to distinguish that if the cosmetic or beauty product is intended for a healing or therapeutic use or affects the function of the body, this is classified as a drug. Some personal care products in cosmetics are monitored and regulated as dietary supplements, so it’s important to note that what one thinks of as makeup, may actually be spread out into different categories of laws and regulations.

It’s surprising to see that the FDA does not have an interfering role in the cosmetic role, as cosmetic products and ingredients do NOT need pre approval by the FDA, excluding color additives. That is not to say that the FDA does not enforce these laws or regulations when violated, and the FDA will take enforcement action against companies or cosmetics that go against of the makeup laws.

Makeup companies are allowed to use any ingredient they want when creating these products as long as the ingredients are:

  • Safe under labeled or customary conditions of use
  • Properly labeled
  • The use of the ingredient does not cause the cosmetic to be misbranded

There are two labels to watch out for when making smart consumer decisions in purchasing makeup.  Never buy products that are misbranded and/or adulterated.

A cosmetic is labeled as misbranded if:

  • The labeling is false or misleading in any particular manner
  • The label does not include all the information required information.

A product is adulterated if:

  • It contains any poisonous or deleterious substance
  • Consists of partially or fully filthy or putrid substance
  • Has been prepared in unsanitary conditions where it may have been harmful to health

Read up on your makeup brands and companies and take a closer look at their added ingredients. If you’re still not sure, check out the FDA’s website and more information Cosmetic Laws will be provided.

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The Effects of Obamacare on the Psychiatry Field

Upset young woman sitting with her husband in backgroundFrom research and feasibility study, there are many people who depend on insurance to cover their mental health cure. Checking on the Obamacare program being imposed by the Supreme Court, people may be surprise at the changes that will occur. It may be a negative or positive health care regulation for workers of the psychiatry field. In the imposed regulation of the Obamacare, there will be the creation of ACO, which will be dominant providers. It is possible for the ACOs to alter the standards at which a mental health worker will be hired. This can directly or indirectly have a negative feedback on patients. This simply means that the idea of dealing with patients will be completely changed. On this note, The effects of Obamacare on psychiatry field may be more than all people expected. With the ranging feeling on how patients will be treated can give you a clear impact of the ACOs regulation. Another impact of the rule is that long-term treatment will receive some resistance from ACOs.

From research done on the Supreme Court imposed regulation on the Obamacare program, there is every possibility to discover exception of certain illness from the entire coverage. In case an individual is affected by illness not found in the coverage, such will have to pay from their pocket. This simply means paying an extra fee out of budget. Even if the government asks you to purchase insurance, it is clear that your illness may not be covered. From history, it is clear that mental illness is the number one reason for homelessness. Once a person is affected in the nous, there is every possibility to loss the initial home. ”At the point of insanity the dignity of a man is eroded.” This slogan is highly applicable to the torture that homeless people get when affected by mental illness.

To make things clear, if President Obama wants to help the healthcare field of the U.S, including all the mental illness problems in the coverage will work effectively. This is the only way that average people will be able to stand the test of time. Anything below this will tarnish the mental health industry of the U.S. This is because there are several people who are not able to afford the insurance coverage fee. For this reason, when people of this nature are affected by mental illness not found in the insurance coverage, they may end up in a big problem. Finally, if the Obamacare program can help people to easily switch to a better coverage system operation, then there will not be any complain. If a person is on an expensive medication and cannot afford it, switching to the less expensive mode will work effectively. If this idea can be induced into the Supreme Court imposed regulation, then the sky and above will remain the limit for healthcare community in the U.S. From the full explanation on the Obamacare program, people are likely to experience great changes that will affect them negatively.

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The Effects of Obamacare on Hawaii’s Economy

View of HonoluluMore than three years after implementation of the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as, Obamacare), most people in Hawaii still fail to offer a great comprehension of what the law does and how it will influence them. In huge measure, that is because of the sheer multifaceted nature of the law and the way that its real pieces are just now starting to produce results. That many-sided quality is likewise the underlying driver of a considerable lot of the specialized issues the national government is confronting in executing the law, with those specialized issues making, thus, considerably more terrific open perplexity and uneasiness. It also is something that those people who are considering moving to Hawaii are wondering about.

The politically “prevalent procurements, (for example, purported “free” preventive consideration, coating 26-year-old “kids” on their guardians’ plans, and extending Medicare physician recommended medication profits) produced results first—preceding the 2012 decision. Anyhow these procurements are almost immaterial contrasted with the harming Obamacare segments slated to produce full results in January 2014.

That is the point at which another and totally unsustainable subsidy system takes hold through the administration trades. It’s likewise when Obamacare extends the softened Medicaid system to consume a huge number of new patients, and when Americans begin paying for the majority of the about $1.8 trillion in new qualification going through with monstrous expense treks and phenomenal slices to the Medicare program.

The outcomes of these interlacing procurements will significantly change the Hawaii social insurance framework and will undoubtedly handle enduring negative impacts for a lion’s share of people living in Hawaii, paying little mind to the wellspring of their human services scope. Numerous people from Hawaii will see higher costs, fewer decisions for scope and less access to specialists and doctor’s facilities.

The Exchanges

The key vehicle utilized via Obamacare to profoundly change and institutionalize health protection in the Hawaii is the production of government health protection trades. These trades were made to offer and finance institutionalized government-sanction human services plans. The majority of the individuals who gain scope through the trades will have their expenses sponsored by elected citizens. In 34 states, the central government will be accountable for running the trade.

Sixteen states, in addition to the District of Columbia, have chosen to run their state trade. Open selection in the trades started on October 1. Scope for enrollee’s breaks in starting January 1, 2014.

Institutionalizing Health Insurance

Arrangements are offered in metal levels: silver, bronze, gold, and platinum. Bronze arrangements will have the most minimal premium, yet most astounding expense imparting, and the opposite will be accurate of platinum arrangements. Those under age 30 can additionally buy purported cataclysmic arrangements.

While there is some change from state to state, each arrangement sold on the trades must offer another “key health profits bundle”—a broad level of profits drawn from 10 diverse profit classes.

With these inherent profit commands, safety net providers are unrealistic to offer extra profits. Finishing so might further build the cost of their items contrasted with their rivals. Basically, the profit floor made via Obamacare is prone to likewise turned into a profit roof. The effect is that significant contrasts around health arrangements could be difficult to secure.

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State Incentives to Buy Hybrid Cars

carThere is a ton of debate in the United States about the problem of climate change, global warming, etc.

About 30% of carbon emissions come from our vehicles. The problem with this is when we have huge SUVs that guzzle gas, it releases more carbon into the environment.

State governments have certainly caught onto this. Legislatures are passing more and more laws to provide rebates as incentives for those who buy hybrid cars as opposed to traditional gasoline cars, trucks, and SUVs.

We have put together a list of just some of the states who are starting this process and some of the incentives they provide.

  • California: The driving alternatives rebate program allocated $1.8 million toward vehicle incentives for alternative fuel vehicles, including plug-in hybrids. Grants of up to $ 5,000 will be made to consumers who purchase or lease such vehicles.
  • Colorado: per the National Conference of State legislatures “A rebate is available from the Department of Revenue for the purchase of a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle. Vehicles must be owned by the state, a political subdivision of the state, or a tax-exempt organization, and used in connection with its official activities. The rebate is a percentage of the vehicle’s incremental cost. For a purchase that permanently replaces a motor vehicle or power source that is ten or more years old, the percentage specified is doubled, up to a maximum of 100% of the cost of converting the vehicle to alternative fuels. Each qualified entity is limited to $ 350,000 per state fiscal year in total rebates.”
  • Oregon: The Oregon Department of Energy offers a few different income tax credits for hybrids. This includes one for individuals and one for business owners. The residents are eligible for a credit of up to $1,500toward the perchance of hybrids. A credit of up to $750 is also available for the cost of converting vehicles to operate on an alternative fuel.
  • South Carolina: South Carolina provides a sales tax rebate of up to $300 for the in-state purchase or lease of a hybrid vehicle. A hybrid is defined as a gasoline-electric vehicle that is powered by battery. Additionally, the state provided a $2,000 tax credit against the income tax for the in-state purchase or lease of a hybrid.
  • Washington: All passenger cars, light-duty trucks that use hybrid electric technology and have a n estimated highway fuel economy of at least 40 miles per gallon are exempt from state sales and use tax.

These are just a few of the tax incentives that states are starting to provide. I would recommend researching the laws and tax benefits in your state to see what they are providing. The more popular this becomes, the more states are going to catch on and the better the incentives will be. It is necessary to continue this debate with people who think carbon emissions are not harming the environment. Even with people who think like this, we can still stress the fact that hybrids will help with gas mileage and will be more economical for the driver.

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Public Policy Affecting Police Departments in 2014

policePublic policy has a bearing on all organs that the government uses in restoring order. Policy serve best if the public is involved. The concept of policing cannot be detached from the public perception and the need for involvement of the public at an intimate level. Any government needs control of its people. The control is in legislation while the implementation of the legislation is the duty of police. Simply interpreted, governments have their contact with the people through the police. How this happens is what we call the Public Policy and its effects on Police Departments.

The public and the police in 2014

Public policy for police departments in 2014 should reflect the social transformation and behavioral change in people in 2014. The best policy should be one that incorporates the people in assisting policing. Community policing is a concept that has consistently emerged in 2013 indicating the need for a change in police policy relating to the public. Public and police cooperation needs a foundation that guides the relationship for effective implementation. In this article, I discuss public policies that will affect police departments.

Sex offenses policy

One of the most pronounced public policy is advocacy for feminism. Sex offenses are not mere offenses any more. The level of attention that these offenses attract owing to the public policy on sex offenses and feminism dictates the orientation of delivery of service by the police. The police are obliged to consider a number of factors when handling sex offenses in the context of public awareness and discourse in 2014. Among the public policy measures that are required when handling a rape case is a feminine officer to handle the cases. The officers have to be trained in handling people with trauma and should be professionals in the specific area.

Drug policy

The public policy positions on drugs define the menace as a communal dilemma. The process of arresting the situation defines the need for redress on the issue from a global view of the community. While policing works by the law that one should be arrested for being in possession of controlled substances, the community policy has a broader focus on preventive measures. The public is known to push for measures such as eviction of people known to handle drugs based on suspicion. The police departments have to adjust to these situations and find consensus between the law and the policy.

Crime prevention and safety

Crime prevention has emerged as a strong area of concern when it comes to public involvement with the police. This is the area that requires comprehensive interpretation of the events and the policy. The public find justification in participating in crime prevention through policies that define community policing as a necessity. On the other hand, police find public measures to interfere with professional delivery of police service. Police departments have to evolve such that they can accommodate the public support but maintain their role in providing professional policing.


Graft is a delicate matter. In most countries, there are special departments or constitutional offices that handle graft. Nevertheless, the role of police as the primary law enforcers remains central in handling the graft cases. The public policy on graft has been shaped by advocacy groups that are passionate about the vice. The perception of the advocacy groups and their preferred way of addressing the vice does not take into consideration the procedural processes laid out in the police departments. Haste measures have destroyed cases. Under such pressure, the police departments are likely to expedite the process and miss loopholes that may render the case void in the courts of law. Police department have to adjust to be able to work under public pressure for quick action while ensuring that the law is followed.

Public demonstration policy

The people have the right to peaceful demonstration. That is the public policy. However, some people do not do that peacefully. Cases of demonstrations turning violent are everywhere. How the police handle these events is a delicate matter. The policy states that excessive force that is more than necessary should not be used to control a crowd. The challenge most police departments face is interpreting what constitutes excessive force and when should they stop focusing on quelling the demonstration and focus on remaining in the right side of the law. Police departments in 2014 require restraint and intelligence in handling such situations. It is all about containing the violence without violating rights.


Another trend this year is that many police departments are going to expand. There will need to be lots of new people training to become police officers in order to fulfill this demand.

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The Significant Economic Impact of the Firearms and Ammunition Industry

pistolThe American firearm and ammunition industry is the fastest growing industry in America. With the growth of the industry, a growing number of people have shown their interest in owning and keeping guns. Other than helping people to own guns, the industry has also made other impacts:

The firearm industry creates employments in America

This is probably the biggest impact that the industry has made. Because of the increase in demand for firearms, there has been an increasing demand for human labor to manufacture, deal out, and sell the guns and ammunition. According to a recent survey, the employment rate in the United States has risen up to 8.2%. The growth of the industry significantly plays a big role in reducing these unemployment rates.

With the increasing employments, there is a reduction in crime. This is because the young people do not engage in criminal activities such as stealing, robbing, and other crimes. Instead of engaging in crime, the youths become busy in manufacturing, distributing, or selling the different types of guns and ammunitions.

An important part of America’s economy

The growth of the industry has played a big role in the growth of the American economy. As manufacturers, distributors, and selling exchange guns and ammunitions, they also exchange money. With the currency exchange, the countries are able to get taxes that are used for development purposes. For example, the funds are used to build hospitals, dig boreholes, and give other social amenities that aid in the growth of the nation.

Employees employed in the different areas of the industry also give greatly to the growth of the economy. This is because the employees contribute taxes that are used to offer the social amenities for the people.

The country also benefits from the taxes paid by the industry

It is estimated that over $2.1 billion of taxes are collected from the gun and ammunition industry. This means that the industry greatly contributes in the national basket, ensuring that the country continues operating in its most. The taxes collected are used for various purposes such as paying salaries to civil servants, constructing new amenities and many other functions.

These are the benefits brought by the gun and ammunition industry. According to experts, the industry is fast growing which means that it will continue making many more impacts.

Firearm safety important in community

However, one thing we all gun owners must consider is the gun safety. There are some imprinting things to consider when it comes to firearms safety. There are many things to do to keep the things right. When you are a proud firearm owner, you might need to consider joining gun safety training and refresher courses.

It is highly advisable that you unload and lock your guns of all time. Experts recommend storing the ammunition individually. You need to come up with the right safe storage solution. It is your responsibility to keep your firearms secure. Make sure you do not let unauthorized persons access to firearms. This will help reduce theft. With the best quality gun safe, you can prevent the accidental discharge of weapons. Reading the best gun safe reviews would be wise.

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